Intelligent Hobo DF-H2 River Cleaning Boat /River Cleaning Robot

Main functions: Hobo DF-H2 river cleaning boat/rob is a mesh chain type medium-sized cleaning boat which integrates salvage, transportation and unloading. Main advantages: convenient long-distance operation and transfer, high salvage efficiency, large cleaning capacity, good stability, anti-sinking, being adapt to various complicated floating trash salvage conditions, etc. Applications: It can be widely used in rivers, reservoir areas, lakes, ports and other waters (B, C class navigation zone).

Products Details

Hobo DF-H2 river cleaning boat/water cleaning boat is one type of the water conservancy environmental protection intelligent equipment researched and developed by Dongfang Water Conservancy. Being used widely in floating trashes salvage in river, reservoir, lake, port and other water area(B and C Grade Navigation Zone), this type of cleaning boat/robot is applicable to all kinds of complicated working conditions of floating trashes salvage. It is a mesh chain medium-sized cleaning boat/robot which integrates salvage, transportation and unloading with the merits of convenient transportation for remote work, high salvage efficiency, low operation cost, convenient maintenance, and good stability, etc. It is comprised of floating body(including steering system), aggregate manipulator, salvage chain conveyor, storage and unloading chain device, central control room and its travel mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical control system, intelligent control system and data acquisition and transmission system. Through image visual recognition system, the cleaning boat/robot can identify and search automatically, locate and track accurately for water trashes , can avoid obstacle by route planning and GNSS self-navigation, and collect the trashes automatically, at last return to base fully loaded, which can realize man-less and full automatic operation in water trashes salvage.


Technical specification

Length of floating body


Full draught depth






Main motor power


Max. collecting width


Max. collecting depth


Max. length


Max. height


Cleaning capacity


Navigating zone


Max. speed


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