Intelligent unmanned Hobo DF-H3 River Cleaning Boat /River Cleaning Robot

Main functions: Hobo DF-H3 river cleaning boat/robot is a medium-sized unmanned net chain water cleaning boat/robot which integrates collecting, fishing, transportation and unloading. Main advantages: High identification accuracy, high salvage efficiency, large cleaning capacity, anti - sinking, excellent design and convenient for transportation and transfer Application: It can be widely used in cleaning large, medium and small water areas such as urban rivers, parks and amusement places.

Products Details

Hobo DF-H3 river cleaning boat/water cleaning boat is one type of the water conservancy environmental protection intelligent equipment researched and developed by Dongfang Water Conservancy. This type of river cleaning boat/water cleaning boat is mainly used in cleaning the water floating trashes, such as green duckweed, leaves, white contaminant, plastic bag, empty bottle and so on in city river, park and amusement,etc. Through image visual recognition system, the cleaning boat can identify and search automatically, locate and track accurately for water trashes , can avoid obstacle by route planning and GNSS self-navigation, and collect the trashes automatically, at last return to base fully loaded, which can realize man-less and full automatic operation in water trashes salvage. Equipped with water quality analyzer, the cleaning boat/cleaning robot can detect the hydrology and water quality in real time, collect the data and transfer them to the data center in the company through wireless signal to form a big data management system, to achieve the aim of comprehensive treatment for floating trashes and water environment of hydraulic engineering.


Technical specification

Length of floating body


Total height


Total width


Molded breadth


Moulded depth




Light draught depth


Full draught depth


Max. speed


Cleaning capacity


Max. collecting depth


Max. collecting width


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