Intelligent unmanned Hobo DF-H6 Fish Protection Robot/Water Surface Robot

Main functions: Hobo DF-H6 fish protection robot is is an intelligent product of water environmental protection that integrates obtaining illegal fishing evidence and publicizing fish protection knowledge. Main advantages: Hobo DF-H6 fish protection robot has outstanding advantages such as covert patrol, timely information sharing, flexible operation, seaworthiness in multiple waters, and nighttime patrol, which can meet the application requirements of normalized monitoring and high-speed information processing. Application: The fish protection robot is mainly used to monitor fish ecological operations  in reservoirs, hydropower stations, rivers, lakes and other waters, and publicize fish conservation knowledge.

Products Details

Hobo DF-H6 fish protection robot is one type of the water conservancy environmental protection intelligent equipment researched and developed by Dongfang Water Conservancy. This type of fish protection robot is with features of strong hiding, flexibility, convenience, seaworthiness, nighttime patrol, normalization monitoring, high-speed information processing technology. It is mainly used to monitor the fish ecological situation in reservoirs, hydropower stations, rivers, lakes and other waters, publicize the knowledge of no fishing, unmanned automatic patrol, collect evidence of illegal fishing and persuade people to leave. In addition, it can also detect and implement emergency rescue functions in real time, and clean up a small amount of floating trash, collect hydrological and water quality meteorological data, and wireless transmission to the company's big data processing center, to achieve the purpose of comprehensive treatment of water environment. This product can use the image visual recognition system to accurately locate and automatically track the water area, collect, navigate, avoid obstacles, and return, and realize the unmanned and fully automatic operation of water area management. It can be operated by manual remote control, remote PC, remote mobile control and independent intelligent control.


Technical specification

Volume of storage tank (L)


Unladen weight (kg)




Max. Speed (km/h)


Time of endurance (h)


Endurance (km)


Total power (kW)


Charging time(h)


Grade of resistance to the wind and waves

Grade 5

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